United Team Motorsports

Stock car racing is a money pit for the racers and at the same time an ever increasing treasure chest for performance product manufactures and distributors. 

The performance market is actually small when compared to the "get back & forth to work and grocery getter" automobile industry; but, within the highly competitive racing community, it is a monster business.

Performance equipment is not purely to make speed; but, doubles to also bolster safety and reliability under the extreme, and often severe, demands of racing. It certainly doesn't come cheap - this need for speed, safety and reliability creates the "money pit."

It is estimated that 80 percent of all race teams could never complete one season if not for selling quarterpanel advertisements, sponsorship and accepting donations.

United Team Motorsports is no different. Sponsorship dollars and donations keep us heading to the track each week. Whether at the track or a car show, we carry the knowledge that our advertising display is getting to people that otherwise may have been missed by the sponsor in other forms of media.  Studies show that race fans are the most sponsor loyal people in all of sports.

We start the season with a new body, paint & decals for each race car. When possible one or more of our cars are available for display purposes on a "not-to-interfer" basis.  Sometimes, as in any form of racing, damage does occur that requires full-time repair between races which could alter "on-display" dates.

Additionally, we don't rely solely on track time & display date advertisement for sponsors.  We use local & statewide forums, website links to direct traffic to sponsor sites, hand out flyers, business cards and professional photos, clearly showing sponsor information, at sporting events and car shows. Also, we promote sponsors the entire year around, not just during racing season.

See Quick Spots Option for most economical exposure.

Anyone having interest in advertising via our race team can drop us an e-mail for further details at:


1400 S. Mahoning Ave
Alliance, OH 44601
[330] 823-1610
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PO BOX 393
Exeter, NH 03833